The Process

What will you learn?

Learn both a combination of Soft Skills and Hard Skills that result in you becoming ready for the future of work!


How do you Learn?

One on One Mentorship

We believe that personal learning can't be countered with anything else. You'll learn about how they become better at stuff and how can you too.

Build Projects

There is no way that you'll be able to learn without building projects, build real life projects with GenZ

Weekend Live Classes

Every weekend , have live classes with your mentor to understand, how you are doing and what can you do better.

Self Paced

Learn at your own pace, collaborate with peers understand the curriculum and learn when you feel like in bite sized chunks.


We help you land real meaning full internships which help you learn how the real world functions! Learn from people who are working out there.

Q&A Sessions

Have unlimited Q&A sessions with your mentors when required they'll help you learn in the best way possible. Curious people are the best.


Why Students Love us?

We help you learn the most important skills for 21st Century to excel in today's world.

Build Skills in the shortest time possible
Learn to implement these skills in real world


Pinakulo made me really reach my true potential, they simply say put in the efforts we'll get you the results , as simple as it may sound they put in everything they have to get me where I wanted. They actually got a new recruiter on boarded to help me the internship that I wanted, no company ever does this for just one customer but they really care for you.

Abhinav C.

Final Year BBA Student

GenZ program is the best thing I enrolled for , I just wanted to learn and was ready to do what it takes. Mentors guided me to become my true self Whatever I am is only because of Pinakulo, and a special thanks to core team they treat you like family not as a customer.

Ayushi G.

3rd Year Engineering Student

GenZ helped me gain skills that resulted in my dream internship. The support given is tremendous by the team, all you need to make sure is trust the process. It's not as easy as you may think , but if you keep at it you'll get there.

Gaurav T.

GenZ Student (Interned at an MNC)

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