Frequently Asked Questions

1What is GenZ?
GenZ is a 21st Century Learning Program, where we help learn real life skills that not only help you learn Hard Skills but the most important soft skills due to which the students get rejected maximum time and we don't just leave you there we help you in securing an internship. We help you build the perfect resume and help you throughout the application process to get you the place you want to.
2How many courses I get access to?
You get access to all the courses in the plan and every course that we add over the year. We add 3 - 4 Courses every month and you get access to each one of them, you even get separate certificates for each course you complete.
3What is the structure of the course?
We use a very hands on approach towards each course, every course has a mix of recorded lessons and live classes each course has its own set of assessments , that you can complete to help you understand your skill set and give more data to mentors so that they can help you better.
4Do I really get a personal mentor?
Yes without a doubt a person dedicated to you specifically who just wants one thing to see you succeed. Each mentor is carefully prepared to help you achieve your true potential and build a proper understanding of each course you take.
5Can I interact with all the course educators?
Yes almost 90% of course educators work with us full time and are available to you every weekend to help you solve doubts and work with you to explain concepts more deeply.
We are trying to make this a daily thing but , we are an upcoming startup it'll take us some time :).
6Does every student gets an internship?
97% Students get an Internships , yes that is close to 100% but it only depends on one thing how much time do you invest to learn.
If you are looking to just pay and get an internships we are not the right people for you, but if you want to invest time and learn and then get an internship. You know how to register
7What kind of Internships are there?
We have internships in almost every field Tech, Business Development, Management & HR, Media, Marketing, Consulting, Finance, ...and many more
These are the most popular fields but be assured if you want something else we'll get that too



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